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No Frame

Myth of Soul

Steer me like the light you are

Steer a heart, a deer astray

We ran with flowers tipping with honey

You threw your arms around me

I caught you

Our dancing took it by surprise: the night

Starwine was clear like whitespace

You spaced yourself into me, step by step

Each step like a ladder going into, going far

Our eyes were streamed with each others tears

You molted into me

We grew eyes

Our eyes swam with every other eye in the round sky

The sky floated in my stomach, quiet as an eyelash

I lapped it up

You who were you


Monica Mody's work has been published in the Boston Review (Poet's Sampler), West Wind Review, apocryphal text, horse less review, Cannot Exist, LIES/ISLE, Wasafiri, and Pratilipi, among other journals. She is the author of a chapbook, Travel & Risk, from Wheelchair Party, and has a book forthcoming in Fall 2012 from 1913 Press.

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to call out

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